Common mistakes… (4)


Running or runny?

I’ve got a running nose.


 I’ve got a runny nose.


Which one is correct?  Or are they both right?

Running /ˈrʌn.ɪŋ/ and runny /ˈrʌn.i/ sound very similar, but only one is considered correct and natural when using English.  Do you know which one it is?

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It is ‘runny’.

When your nose is producing more mucus than usual, you can say:

“I’ve got a runny nose.”

You can also say:

“My nose is running.”


Either of these sentences is natural for native English speakers to say.

Unfortunately, it is not usual to say “I’ve got a running nose” and the mental image it creates is one in which your nose has jumped off your face…and is running away!

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