Winter-Summer Sale

It’s winter in Australia, but summer in the northern hemisphere, so S. and L. English Lessons started its Winter-Summer Sale on the 25th July, 2017.  This is the first WIN-SUM Sale (not to be confused with the SUM-WIN Sale that was held 6 months ago!) and we’re celebrating by taking 20% off the regular price of every price plan.

If you are too busy to take English lessons at the moment, don’t worry because all lessons are valid for 12 months.  So, you can ‘buy now and use later’.

Below are some examples of how much you can save with the WIN-SUM Sale.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire about a price plan to meet your individual needs.


Example 1:  You’re in Japan (click here for prices in Japanese Yen) and wish to have Skype lessons.  You decide to buy a 24-hour price plan.

Regular price: ¥69,600 (¥2,900/hr).

WIN-SUM Sale: ¥55,680 (¥2,320/hr).  

That’s a saving of ¥13,920.


Example 2:  You’re studying in Australia (click here for prices in Australian Dollars) and would like to join the Confidence with English class on Friday mornings.  You decide to buy a 12 x 2-hour price plan.

Regular price: $408 ($17/hr).

WIN-SUM Sale: $326.40 ($13.60/hr).

That’s a saving of $81.60.


Example 3:  You’re staying in London for a couple of months (click here for prices in British Pounds) and wish to take 45-minute Skype lessons twice a week for 7 weeks.  You buy a 10.5-hour price plan.

Regular price: £262.50 (£25/hr).

WIN-SUM Sale: £210 (£20/hr).

That’s a saving of £52.50.


The WIN-SUM Sale is only on for a limited time, though, so get in contact today to arrange your free trial lesson with Cathy.

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