Monthly Review – September 2017

Well, I can’t believe it’s already the last day of September!  This month has gone very fast, hasn’t it?  I thought I’d write a short post to tell you what I’ve been up to this month.

Updating the website

In addition to teaching my regular students, doing trial lessons with potential students and adding Instagram posts (click here to see the most recent ones), I’ve spent some time updating my website.  I wanted to simplify it so it’d be easier for students and potential students to find the information they needed.

All price plans are now listed in AUD (Australian Dollars) only.  There’s a new link on the Prices page (see above) to check current exchange rates.  If you want to find out exactly how much it will cost in your own currency, get in contact stating the number of hours you would like and a PayPal invoice will be prepared for you obligation free.

Looking out for magpies

September marks the beginning of spring and with it the local birds have been making their presence felt.  Magpies in particular have become quite noticeable as this is the time of year when they have chicks in their nests.  As a result, they become very protective and will swoop on anyone or anything they think might be a threat to their young.

When I was out walking recently, I saw a few ducks pecking at the grass.  Then I noticed a magpie keeping an eye on them.  It must’ve decided that the ducks were not going to hurt its young as it left them alone.

A few minutes later, though, I came across a couple of galahs that were pecking at a different section of grass.  I didn’t think they looked threatening, but a magpie suddenly swooped on one of them!  I don’t know where the magpie came from, but it seemed to appear out of thin air.

Watch out for the magpie!

If you’d like some help with your English, you might consider studying with S. and L. English Lessons.  Get in contact today to arrange your free trial lesson.


up to – doing

potential students – people who are not my students yet, but may become so in the future

simplify – to make something less complicated so that it’s easier to do or understand

obligation free – this means that although you have requested an invoice you are not obliged to (i.e. don’t have to) pay it

making their presence felt –  to have a strong effect on other people or on a situation (i.e. you can see and hear birds everywhere!)

noticeable – easy to see

protective wanting to protect their young from danger

swoop – to move quickly through the air, especially from a high position in order to attack

threat – danger

pecking – striking or biting by a bird with its beak

keep an eye on – to watch someone or something carefully

left (them) alone – [past tense for leave alone] an idiom which means to stop bothering someone or something

galahs – birds commonly found in Australia.  They are medium-sized birds with grey and pink colouring and are a type of cockatoo.

appeared out of thin air – appeared suddenly and dramatically

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