S. and L. English Lessons was established in 2016 by Cathy Smith who, after having taught English overseas for a number of years, wished to start her own teaching business in her home country of Australia. She wanted to provide an alternative to the big language schools where students could access good quality English teaching for a reasonable price.

Cathy is a university graduate with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). She also has a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification and has been teaching English as an Additional Language since 2000.

She has taught Japanese people for many years and, as a result, has a good understanding of the pronunciation and grammatical difficulties they commonly have. Since setting up her business in Australia the majority of her students have been Korean and so she is also familiar with the pronunciation challenges that they experience. In the past, she has taught Brazilian, Chinese, Indian and Sri Lankan students, but welcomes all nationalities.

She has worked in a number of different English learning environments, teaching a range of age groups, as well as catering to a variety of individual learning needs. Her experience living and working overseas helps her to empathise with students who are not living in their home country.

Cathy’s happy and encouraging teaching style is appreciated, especially by housewives and retirees, and students enjoy the individual attention that she provides in every lesson. Click here to read comments from Cathy’s students.