Terms and Conditions


Contact Cathy at least 24 hours before the scheduled time if you are unable to have a lesson. Otherwise you will be charged for that lesson.


Single lessons are valid for fourteen days from the date of purchase.

Price Plans are valid for the following time periods:

Private Lesson Price Plans

Length ~ Valid for:

4 hours ~~ 6 weeks

12 hours ~~ 16 weeks

18 hours ~~ 48 weeks

24 hours ~~ 32 weeks

48 hours ~~ 52 weeks

Please contact S. and L. English Lessons using the email address email@sandlenglishlessons.com.au if you require more information about cancellations or your Price Plan.

* These terms and conditions are subject to change. The terms and conditions that are in place when you purchase a Price Plan remain unchanged for the length that the Price Plan is valid.