See below for comments from Cathy’s students:

Dear Cathy

Because of you, I love English.  I’m so lucky to have met you.  If my teacher weren’t you, my London life would be terrible.  You taught me a way of living in London, too.

Thank you very much for your enjoyable lessons.  I always had a good time in your lessons.  You often made my laugh. 😀  You’re my teacher, but I feel you’re my friend.

It’s really a shame that we have to say goodbye to you.  I hope that we can meet someday.  Thank you very much. 🙂

Please take care!

Noriko N. (06.2016)

Dear Cathy

Thank you very much for 7 months.  Your English Lessons were very fun!!  I was looking forward to your lessons every weeks.

You are my best English teacher!  So, I’m sorry that you leave…London……

But, I hope that you and your family live happily in Australia.  I love you, Cathy!!!  I’m looking forward to meet you again.  I hope you come to play in Japan.  I’m glad to have met you.  Thank you so much, Cathy xxxxxx  Rie S. (06.06.2016)

Dear Cathy

The last day is coming today, I can’t believe it!  Thank you for your everything.  As you know I didn’t like English before I started having your lesson.  But now I love learning English because of you!!

I think I’m lucky to meeting you.  So I promise to you that I’ll continue it in Japan.  I’ll miss you Cathy.  I hope I can see you again soon!  I’m eternally grateful to you.  Best wishes for your continued good health, happiness.  See you soon!

Tamaki N.  (2014)

Dear Miss. Cathy

Thank you so much for always making class fun for us.  I’m sad that classes with you are finished, but I am looking forward to the day we can meet again!

Please take care.  Fumi O. (2016)

Dear Cathy

Thank you again for your class.  Because of you I could enjoy staying in London.  You are very kind and gentle.  Your smile makes people happy.  Please be as you are and keep teaching people like me.  When you come to Japan please let me know!

Best regard Chieko Y. (2013)

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for good lesson.  I enjoyed it, and your smile made me happy.  I had a very good time.  Best wishes for your continued good health, happiness.  Regards, Kana H.  (2016)

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for your interesting lessons.  I was very happy to learn English from you.  Your lessons would be one of my good memories in London.  Wishing every happiness to you and your family.  Akiko (2014)

Dear wonderful Cathy.

Thank you for the English lessons!!  They’re very fun!  From Ayuko Y. (2013)

Hi Cathy

I always enjoy your lessons.  I change my mind about English.  Now I came to like some English.  Thanks for everything!  Manami T. (2013)

Dear, Great Teacher CATHY!!

Thank you for teaching me about 2 years & 4 month.  The reason I chose this English lesson is because of you.  Learning and speaking with you was very fun!!  I’m very happy to met you in London!!   Best Wishes, Michiko M.

P.S.  In 2019, I’m waiting for you to come Japan!!  Let’s watch rugby together!! (01.2016)

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for having many, many fun lessons with me.  When I heard that you are going back, I was very upset, but I hope you have fun time in Australia, and I will miss you loads!!!  From Reina N. (2016)

Dear Cathy

Thank you for teaching English.  I enjoyed your lessons.  Enjoy the rest of your time in London!!  From Azusa S. (2016)

Dear Cathy  Thank you so much for all your help.  I have enjoyed studying with you.  Best Wishes.  From Emi Y. (2015)

Dear Cathy

I’m happy to meet you!!  I really appreciate your big effort to teach me your English lesson.  I all wish you the very best of luck in your future!!  Chizuko S. (2016)

Dear Cathy,

Thank you very much.  I’m always enjoying your English lessons.  from Ayako O. (2015)

Dear Cathy,

I always enjoy your classes.  I’m really happy to be one of your students.  I’d like to study English more and more.  Best wishes Yuka (2013)

To my great teacher, Cathy

Thank you very much for teaching me.  I’ve been happy for three weeks.  Actually your vege-cake was lovely and yummy!  I miss you, but I’ll be back soon. 🙂  See you again.  Hisako O. (2014)


I’m happy that I have your lesson.  It’s so fun!!  I hope your life will be more beautiful.  Tamaki N. (2014)

Dear Cathy

Thank you for your kind lesson.  A. is all the time enjoy very much.  Sawako Y. (2014)

Dear Cathy

It was a short period of time, but it was taken care.  Cathy is always bright & shining.  I was happy every time to meet you!!  But for a while I will not see you, and someday also believe that seeing you.  Also I will do my best study now to speak fluent English at that time.  You can send a nice life way.  Thank you. Naok0 T. (06.2016)

Dear Cathy

I really enjoyed your lessons.  The three years flew by so quickly!!  You always made me laugh.  It was good memory chatting on “Strictly Come Dancing”.  Dancing at the Christmas party is another good memory.  Thanks very much for showing me such a wonderful time.  I will never forget your kindness.  I really appreciate it.  The best of health to you.  Chieko T. (05.2016)


I’ll miss you so much!! when I quit this lesson… Mai (02.2014)

Dear Cathy

I enjoyed your lessons every time.  Because of you, my English has improved.  Thank you very much for everything!!  Please take care of yourself.  I’ll miss you. Best wishes, Kaori T. (03.2016)

I’m very happy that I meet you in class.  Every lesson is fun for me. Michiko M. (2014)

DEAR Cathy

I’m really glad I met you.  I have no words to express my gratitude.  I wish you every success in Australia!!  Let’s keep in touch with each other!

See you again in London…in Australia…in Japan.  Mariko H. (06.2015)

Dear Catherine

Thank you for teaching me English.  I really appreciate your kindness.  I am happy to have met you.  Please take care! 

Sincerely, Miho K. (2016)

Dear Cathy

Thank you very much for your interesting and cheerful lessons.  You always encouraged me to speak English and I could really enjoy it.  Keep in touch!!  Midori I. (2014)


Thank you for everything.  I was glad to be your student.  Encounter with you, it was wonderful for me.  Also, meet and I hope!

See you again in Australia, in Japan or another place.  Manami T. (06.2015)

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for giving us an English lesson everything.  I enjoyed your lesson.  Wishing you every happiness in your country.

Best wishes & Love, Mikiko G. (06.06.2016)

Dear Cathy (Meow!)

Thank you for teaching me.  You are the BEST teacher EVER!  (You really are!!)  I was ALWAYS excited for our funny and chatty chat!!  We ALL will miss you (especially I will ^o^) soooooooo much.  Good Luck to your new adventures!!  Momoka A. xxxxxxx  (06.2016)

Thank you for your kind teaching.  Your class was very useful.  Mutsuko I. (12.2015)

Dear Cathy

Thank you for teaching me.  I felt sad when I knew you will back Australia.  Because I can’t have your lesson anymore and I can’t watch your dance anymore.  I want you to stay but I know you want back now.  So I hope you will be fine in Australia.  I will do my best in England.  I like your teaching.  Thank you a lot.  Good luck in Australia!  By Monami S. (06.2016)

To Cathy

You are the best English tutor.  From Momoka A. (12.2014)

Dear Cathy

Thank you for your wonderful lessons.  I found great pleasure in chatting with you!  And I enjoyed the party very much  It was so fun to dancing … It’s my sweet memory.  Good luck!  Chieko T. (06.2016)


Thanks for long time!  I’ll so miss you… :’(  If you came to Japan, let me know!!  I’ll show you my favorite Japan! :S

See you xxx Shino Y. (06.2016)

Cathy’s class is very fun and I love it!  Thank you very much 😀  Yumi I. (06.2016)


Thank you for giving us your wonderful classes.  We never forget great time with you.  Thank you very much for everything!  Tomoe N. (06.2016)

Dear Cathy

I really enjoyed your wonderful lessons!!  Cathy is my first English teacher.  I won’t forget you!  Thank you very much!!!  Ayami S. (06.2016)


Thank you for teaching me for 9 months!!  That was very fun!!  I want to keep learning English with Erika (my daughter).  I love your lesson.  Thank you and take care ^_^  Hisae S. (06.2016)

Dear Cathy

Thank you for everything.  You are our sunshine.  Good luck and see you again!!  Keiko A. (06.2016)

Dearest Cathy

Thank you very much for everything.  Your great teacher.  Good luck.  Akane O. (06.2016)


Always your lesson made me laugh.  I enjoyed time with you.  Let’s meet again in Japan.  Thank you soooo much.  Have a lovely time with your family.  Keiko T. (06.2016)

Dear Cathy

Thank you for everything you have done for us during our stay here.  We’ll miss you so much…  If you ever come to Japan, be sure to get in touch with us.  Sawako Y. (12.2015)

Dear Cathy,

I want to say many “Thank you” to you.  Thank you for teaching me English.  Thank you for listen my English.  Thank you for giving me good advice.  I appreciate your kindness.  Ayumi N. (06.2016)


Thank you for everything!  I love your English class.  Although I’m leaving your class, I’ll remember you in future.  I hope you and your family are always fine.  Love Satoko O. x

Dear Cathy

I’m really want to Say you a Big and big thank you to teaching for ages and ages and I wish this year will lots of fun time with me and chat, play get special year!  I love you a lot.  Big love and thank you from Satone K.

Dear Cathy,

I’m writing to thank you for teaching to me.  Before coming to [school name removed], I was worried about whether I could continue to study English for one year.  But, I did it, thanks to your interesting lecture.  I had a great time at your class.

You were very patient with me, and got me interested in English.  Your charming smile encouraged me to speak more in the class.  I appreciate that very much.  Thank you for being my teacher!  I’ll never forget the great time I had with you.

Best wishes,

Seiko M.

Dear Cathy

Two years ago, when I started English lesson at [school name removed], I was very nurves and I couldn’t speak English at all.  However, thanks to you teaching, I continued to join this class.  And then I am enjoying to speak English.  I’m very happy to meet you.  Thank you very much for your kindness.  Mayumi

Dear Cathy

Thank you for teaching me!!  I had a great time.  You made me happy to learn English!!  I am planning to study English other way!  If I will speak English very well, Let’s chating!!  Never give up!  Thanks a lot!!  From Yuki K.

Dear Cathy

Thank you for teaching English all week!!  So I am good at English now!!  It was hard to remember words, but it was fun!  Thank you very much!!  From Koya M.

Dear Cathy

Thank you for teaching me English over 2 years.  When I came to London, I was so depressed so that I could not communicate with other people.  However, I don’t have any problem with English now.  You always attempt to make me laugh, and I deepen my understanding of English by knowing idiomatic expressions.

This is so sad that your lesson finishes, yet we had so much fun time and it was valuable time.  See you in some day.  I hope to see you again.

Love, Tadaki S.

Dear Cathy!

I always enjoy your English lesson!  I’m very grateful to you.  Keiko N.

Dear Cathy!

Hi!  Long time no see.  ( I’m probably not seeing you on the last day. :’( )  First of all, thanks so much for teaching both of us English.  We were very lucky to have you as a teacher.  You’ve always made our lessons fun!! I’ve missed you so much and I will too. 🙁  Hopefully I can see you in the future. 😀  Good Luck teaching new students!!  You are the BEST English teacher ever. 🙂  Mizuki S. xxx

Thank you for your kindness for these…years!  I have enjoyed your lessons really much and I will miss you really much when I gone back to Japan.  Ayuko Y.

Dear Cathy

Every Lesson, Thank you for your kind teaching & your big smile. /^o^/  From Makiko K.

Dear Cathy

Thank you for teaching me English kindly and cheerfully.  I really liked your lesson because I could know many useful words and I could have some advice about school and friends.  I had strongly been cheered by you. ^o^  The textbook I was given by you really improved myself and I could clearly understand in the lessons.  I will miss you and the lesson 🙁 but I hope we could meet again, when I am better at English!  Thank you very much.  Love, Lisa M. xxx

Dear Cathy

Hi, I have to move here to Chiba, so I want to say good by to you, Cathy.  Thanks to you my english skill became much better.  Your class is a lot of fun and you are very kind and good teacher.  I like you, and I think everyone like you.  As I move here, so it became difficult to see you, but I feel I can meet you again.  By the time I keep studying English, and I would like to get you suprised.

Please take care, and I hope you have good time.  Thank you, Cathy (I’m sorry there are lots of spell and grammar mistake).  See ya!!  Eiji O.

Thank you for teaching me English for one year!  I enjoyed studying it because of Cathy-sensei.  I would like to say I will carry on doing it.  I am looking forward to seeing you again.  Arisa N.


Hi.  How are you?  I’m fine!!  I went back to the hometown.  And taking it easy for a while.  …I have fond memories of classes with you…  I hope I meet you again.  Good-bye!

* I’m sorry bad English!?  Tsukasa N.

Dear Cathy

About three years ago, I entered [school name removed].  And I met you.  My first impression of you is funny,  And friendly.  And It is true.  By the grace of you, I learned to speak English much better.

I like your teaching of free-talk style.  I will keep on studying English.  I’ll never forget you.  Thank you.  See you!!  Hiroko Y.

Dear Cathy

Thank you for your many kindnesses.  I was always happy when I talked with you and I enjoyed talking with you at the [school name removed].  Your lesson gave me much pleasure!  I was lucky to meet you, so I’ve lived happy times and I will be enjoying English …  I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

Good-bye from Yasutaka

P.S.  I didn’t know what to write English letter.  But I did my best!!

Dear Cathy

Your last lesson came at last.  I regret that I can’t your lesson today.  I’m very sad that I can’t take your happy lesson anymore. But I will do my best after this!!  Do you remember when I first spoke English with you?  Do you think I am making progress in my English?  I’m writing a letter with looking up my dictionary.  I’m sorry, if there are mistakes.  I’m probably going to speak English very well when I see you next.  Maybe….!!

I’ll be seeing you!  Thank you very much!

Mika H.

Dear キャシー

Thank you for teach to me.  I feel sad….  Your class is very fun!!  I like your class.  I think that you’re great teacher.  My English isn’t good enough.  But I keep studying English.  I’m happy to meet to you.  I don’t forget you.  Thank you FROM NATSUKO

Dear Cathy

Thank you very much for those wonderful days with you.  I cannot express how much I enjoyed the time with you all.  I wish you could stay longer.  I’m going to miss you a lot.  Please come back again if you have a chance.  I have decided to study English harder so that I’ll be able to speak better when I see you next.

I hope to see you again.  Please keep in touch.  With lots of love, Chiharu

Dear Cathy

We got to know each other through lots of talking in our lessons.  You’re always kind to people and think the world of your friends, family, and people around you.  That’s why I like you very much!  If you hadn’t come to Japan, maybe I wouldn’t have realized how much I like English and my interest in foreign people and cultures.  I learned that all of the people in the world are the same, but different.  You broadened my horizons and changed my life.  I promise to keep studying English.

I feel sad that you’re leaving Japan.  But I have plenty of precious memories with you and I’m sure this will be the start of your new life!  I hope you’ll lead a happy life and I really hope to see more of you!

Thank you for everything!!!

love, Sachie O.

Dear Cathy

Please forgive my bad English.  I think my skill in speaking English have improved greatly.  I owe my success to you.  Thank you very much for your many kindness.  After graduation from [school name removed], I’m going to study in English by myself.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.

From Yumi T.