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What are your hips?

‘Hip’ has a few different definitions.  The Cambridge Dictionary lists the first one as:

noun (body part)the area below the waist and above the legs at either side of the body, or the joint that connects the leg to the upper part of the body.  

This little fellow has got his hands on his hips.

Hip, Gut, Poor, High, Finger, Positive

Other definitions of ‘hip’ include:

adjective – fashionable:  She looks very hip in that outfit.

exclamationan expression that is called out, often by a group of people at the same time, to express approval of someone:

Three cheers for the birthday boy!  Hip,  hip, hooray!  Hip, hip, hooray!  Hip, hip, hooray!

So, what do you call the area of the body we sit on?  Good question!

It has many different names, but one of the most common (and polite, in my opinion) is ‘bottom’.

He has a present on his bottom!

Some other common terms for bottom include:

  • buttocks
  • behind (informal)
  • bum (mainly UK, informal)
  • rear end
  • rump
  • backside
  • seat
  • derrière (a French word, but also used in English)
  • arse (vulgar slang – mainly UK)
  • ass (vulgar slang – mainly US)

…and there are many, many more!


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