Countdown to Tokyo 2020

The countdown to Tokyo 2020 has begun.  366 days^ to go! 

Exactly one year from today, the 24th July, the opening ceremony is going to be held for the Games of the XXXII (32nd) Olympiad (see below for Glossary). This is the official name for the 2020 Summer Olympics.  The last time Tokyo held an Olympics was in 1964.  So, after an interval of 56 years, the city (and the country) will have Olympic Games fever again!

Nineteen years ago Sydney held the Games of the XXVII (27th) Olympiad, but I wasn’t in Australia at the time as I’d just accepted a teaching position in Japan. So, I didn’t experience what it was like to have an Olympics in my home country.

If you’re currently in Japan, how are you feeling about the approaching event.  Are you looking forward to it, dreading it or not bothered about it?

For those of you not in Japan have an Olympics (either Summer or Winter) and Paralympics ever been held in your own country? Were you living there at the time? How did you feel about it?

Overall, do you think hosting an Olympic Games is a positive or negative experience for a country? What kinds of volunteering opportunities are there? Is being able to speak English useful? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

 ^ 2020 is a leap year.

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leap year – ​a year that happens every four years and has an extra day on 29th February

Olympiad – an occasion on which the Olympic Games are held

interval – a period of time between two events

fever – a state of great excitement

accepted – [BUSINESS ENGLISH] to say yes to an offer or invitation

approaching – coming near or nearer to (someone or something) in distance or time

looking forward to (something) – to feel happy and excited about something that’s going to happen

dreading – to feel very concerned or frightened about something that’s going to happen or that might happen

not bothered – If you are not bothered about something, it means that it’s not important to you or doesn’t worry you.

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