Common mistakes… (5)


 “She’s smart.”

What does this sentence actually mean?  Is it referring to a person’s intelligence





…or his/her body shape and size?


In the past, my Japanese students often used the word ‘smart’ to describe a slim or slender person.


This confused me because ‘smart’ doesn’t have that meaning in English.

If you check the Cambridge dictionary, smart has a few different definitions.

It can be used as an adjective to mean:

  • stylish (mainly UK) – He’s looking very smart for his interview.


  • intelligent (mainly US) – She’s very smart for her age.


  • [before noun] done quickly with a lot of force or effort – He’s going to have to move at a smart pace to make it to work on time.


  • working by computer – More people will be living in smart homes in the future.


  • without respect (mainly US) – Don’t get smart with me, young lady!


It can also be used as a verb to mean:

  • to hurt with a sharp pain – His eyes were smarting from cutting the onion.


  • to feel upset and angry because of failure or criticism – The young employee was still smarting from getting scolded by her boss.

null“you’re such a slow worker!”





So, just remember, when talking about someone’s figure, use ‘slim’ or ‘slender’ instead of ‘smart’ and people will understand exactly what you mean.


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