Common mistakes… (7)

‘Croquette’ anyone?

First things first. What is a croquette?

Well, it’s ‘a small, rounded mass of food, such as meat, fish, or potato, that has been cut into small pieces, pressed together, covered in breadcrumbs and fried’ (Cambridge Dictionary).


Look at all of those croquettes!

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Now, how is it pronounced in English?

The British pronunciation is​ /krəˈket/. It has two syllables and the stress is placed on the second one. The first syllable includes schwa /ə/ which is a weak sound and, therefore, not emphasised.

The American pronunciation /kroʊˈket/ differs to the British one in that the first syllable is pronounced /oʊ/ with a rounded mouth as in  ‘Oh, no, I’ve got to go!’

Croquette is written as コロッケ in Katakana which means it has two more syllables than in English. Those extra syllables can cause confusion and make it difficult for others to understand you.

In addition, the Katakana pronunciation of croquette sounds a lot like ‘croquet’ which means something completely different!


So, to help improve your English pronunciation, try to avoid using Katakana as much as possible.


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