Common mistakes… (8)


“He’s marriage.”

“We’ve been enjoying marriage life for five years.”

“They’re a marriage couple.”

Which one of these sentences is correct?

If you said ‘none’, you’re absolutely right!

‘Marriage’ is a noun.  Another noun is ‘Australia’. If I said…

“I’m Australia.”   

…you would probably look at me quite strangely!

When we change the noun to an adjective, though, it makes a lot more sense:

“I’m Australian.”  

So, we need to change the word ‘marriage’ to an adjective, married.  This seems quite simple, but it’s still a commonly-made mistake.

Now, let’s go back and correct those sentences at the start of the post.

“He’s married.”  

“We’ve been enjoying married life for five years.”  

“They’re a married couple.”  

To use the noun, marriage, we could say something like:

“They have an unhappy marriage.”


“I believe in marriage equality.”

Finally, it’s also very natural to use the get passive (i.e. ‘get married’), especially in spoken English, but it’s important to use it correctly.  I’ve heard many students say, “We got marriage…”.  This is incorrect.  The right way to say it is:

“We got married…”

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