Phrasal verb: open up (Example 2)

The phrasal verb ‘open up’ can be used in a number of different ways in Business English.

In this video, ‘open up’ means that a new business (i.e. my English tutoring business, S. and L. English Lessons) started doing business.

‘Open up’ can also mean:

** to start business at a particular time and be available to deal with customers
E.g. ‘S. and L. English Lessons opens up at 9 am Monday to Friday.’

** to make conditions easier for foreign companies to do business in a country
E.g. ‘After opening up its borders to trade, the country has enjoyed steady growth.’

** to create new opportunities
E.g. ‘S. and L. English Lessons offers online English lessons which has opened up opportunities to teach students anywhere in the world.’

** if a job opens up, it becomes available
E.g. ‘A marketing position has recently opened up in the company.’


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